What Are Normal Bowel Movements?

Defining what is normal and abnormal and up to what extent it is normal or abnormal are some of the most difficult in any field and it is no different a task when applied to bowel movements.

How to Define Normal Bowel Movements?
Normal bowel moments are ideally middle brown in color and smooth in its motion. They are not pasty or too dry. The composition should be just right and once it is released from the body a person should not feel any pain, irritation or burning sensation. The stools should land on water in a normal speed and sink down gradually. Floating stools and stools that fall off with a lot of gravitational force and sink immediately do not fall under the normal bowel movement, category.

How Often Do Normal Bowel Moments Occur?
It may be that majority of us have a single bowel moment per day. However, the outer skirts of normalcy in bowel moments are not limited to ‘once a day’ theory although many tend to believe so. Bowel moments vary from person to person and it depends on the diet, emotional condition and a lot of other things. So the frequency of a normal bowel movement is a subjective thing. If we talk within a range, a normal bowel movement should ideally be 1-3 times a day.