Bowel Movements for Adult Women

Adult women would not have any different bowel movements than adult men when it comes to size, composure, texture, shape etc. However depending on certain occasions and phases of life, women may be more prone to conditions such as hemorrhoids or constipation due to their physical or mental vulnerability.

Trouble Free Bowel Movements for Adult Women
If you are an adult woman, you may think the term ‘trouble free’ it self is impossible. It is true up to some extent but not until you change your dietary and life style habits. It is a commonly acknowledged fact that women are more prone to mood swings and somewhat more emotionally inclined than men. Deriving from these common notions we can conclude that irregularities and other complications related to bowel movements are somewhat connected to their emotional status. So you may want to administer different self-help tips and tricks to keep away the mood swings if you are to experience a normal bowel movement.

Complications of Bowel Movement for Adult Women
Complications of bowel movements occur mainly in old age and during and after pregnancies. The most common conditions yet again are hemorrhoids and constipation. If you do not suffer from any other disorder such as IBS or Crohn’s disease, a well balanced diet with at least 25g of fiber in it, plenty of water and regular exercise is all that is needed to avoid the complications. However, make sure that you make it a daily practice to remain healthy for practicing it for a few weeks or few months will only give you temporary relief.