Bowel Movements for Adult Men

Men are usually known to have easier bowel movements than do women. Perhaps it has to do with their hormones that don’t make them as emotional as women?

Facts about Bowel Movements for Adult Men
Jokes apart! It has been proven through a study conducted by a team of researcher’s in the UK that men have easier bowel movements than women even when the whole control group has been vegetarians or vegans. Further more it is found that frequency of bowel movements in men are associated with the amount of physical exercises they had. Another interesting correlation was the link between body mass and ease of bowel movement.

Sexual Arousal & Bowel Movements for Men
Occasionally it is reported that some men become sexually aroused after bowel movements. This is also very true of physical exertions such as riding a thread mill. The important thing to understand however is, that, this kind of arousal has nothing to do with the bowel movement itself. If the bowel movement was not smooth, men may need to put in a lot of effort to excrete the matter and this way, there’d be a lot of stimulation. However, the hormones are not intelligent enough to detect the cause of the stimulation, so it may act automatically to bring about sexual arousal which may be quite inappropriate for the occasion.