What Do You Know About Bowel Movements & Pregnancy?

Many women are in for massive surprises at pregnancies when and where it happens. If you would not be pleased with surprises, here are things to consider about pregnancy and bowel movements.

Facts about Bowel Movements and Pregnancy
Being pregnant is like inviting constipation. This is so because hormones related to pregnancy makes the digestive process (the rate at which food pass through your GI tract) slow to help nutrients to flow in to the placenta via the umbilical cord, so that your baby would have food. However, this in turn makes bowel movement difficult for mummy. During later stages of pregnancy, you may even find that your uterus has pushed through your large intestines, making it extremely difficult for bowel movement. Another very common occurrence is polyps or clusters. The common causes behind these are the increased volumes of blood that is accumulated in the body during pregnancy and the pressure exerted by uterus on the pelvis. So as a result bowel movement may be extremely difficult and painful accompanied by itching and stinging.

Best Practices for Bowel Movements and Pregnancy
If you are pregnant your first battle should be to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. Including lots of liquid and adding a fiber rich diet while engaging in enough physical exercises, daily are some of the best ways to tackle the issues.