Is There Anything Called ‘Unhealthy Bowel Movements’?

Surprisingly as for everything else, when it comes to bowel movements too, there’s a good and a bad side. So let’s try to learn how to distinguish unhealthy from healthy bowel movements.

How Do Unhealthy Bowel Movements Look Like?
Unhealthy stools are all stools that do not comply with the normalcy standard of stools being ideally medium brown in color and smooth in texture which leaves your body smoothly without any irritation or pain. All other types of stools where there are color, odor, size and texture changes fall under unhealthy stools.

Characteristics of Unhealthy Bowel Movements
Unhealthy bowel movements usually smell bad and look weird. A few examples are grey floating stools, oily greenish stools, watery yellowish stools etc. Suppose your stools look normal at the outset, but you had to strain a lot in order to put them out. In this case, it will still be classified under an unhealthy bowel movement. Remember the definition of a normal bowel movement? It should always be soft and easy going. Fowl smelling, pencil thin stools, pallet stools and mucus in stools are other conditions that you may want to consider as unhealthy bowel movements. The causes however are frequently associated with diet and amount of liquid in your body. However, other internal diseases and disorders too can have an impact on bowel movements. So it is always a good idea to take a sneak view of the stools you pass. However much disgusting that may sound, it is for your own good!