Why do people have Soft Bowel Movements?

If you are among the few that have nice and easy soft bowel movements, mark yourself up on the ‘luckiest few’ list. Now don’t get it wrong, what I mean by soft in here is bulky yet softy bowel movements that goes off without putting pressure to your muscles or irritating anal skin.

Types of Soft Bowel Movements
It may only be fair to say that some other; rather disturbing; bowel movements are also soft. So let’s see what we have under this category. The first would be what is mentioned above, which can easily be called normal bowel movement. A second type could be soft movement associated with diarrhea. Although the movement itself would be soft, it will leave an irritation to your anal skin; just like how your throat would feel after vomiting. So if this condition persists, you ought to intake as many fluids as possible and seek medical help to stop the diarrhea.

Here’s why Soft Bowel Movements Are Good
A regular soft bowel movement without strain to your muscles means you’ve had healthy diet with sufficient dietary fiber that has made the process of digestion very easy. So all thumbs up to you! You should keep up the good work because, the more you make it an easy journey for the bowels supported by what you consume, the more you reduce the risk of getting in to trouble. When your intestinal walls are not damaged there’s no chance for diseases and hemorrhoids. So there goes the secret!