Are You Having Pain During Bowel Movements?

First of all it is important to determine where the pain occurs because many conditions can trigger pain during bowel movements. Is it an abdominal pain that you experience or a rectal pain? Having answered these two questions, let’s move on to see possible causes.

Reasons for Pain during Bowel Movements
If your tummy hurts immensely, that means poisonous toxins have been released in the process of digestion. However, don’t worry about the word ‘poisonous’ because they are toxins that just upset the chemistry inside your tummy. That’s why you feel pain. However in the case of severe food poisoning, you ought to watch out and seek immediate medical help because food poisoning can be very dangerous to your health. The other possibility is that you have a biological condition that triggers pain.

Biological Condition That Trigger Pain during Bowel Movements
Hemorrhoids are painful swollen veins in the lower rectum or anus that puts you in pain. Anal fissures on the other hand small tears or spits in the anal mucosa that may cause bleeding and pain during bowel movements. Other possibilities are different types of colitis, which are inflammation related diseases of the intestines that may irritate your muscles and skin around it causing pain. Endometriosis and prostrate cancer along with anal cancer are other possible conditions that may cause pain during bowel movements. So if the pain persists and if you are puzzled about its possible cause, seeing a doctor and going under examinations to determine the actual cause of pain, is your best option.