Who’s Having Large Bowel Movements?

Large bowel movements are a complaint from many people who are vegetarian in diet. However, this condition is not limited to vegetarians. Large bowel movements are often bulky and feel heavy. They may even make you feel uncomfortable up to the point of not being able to control your bowel movements. This is particularly true in the case of rushing large bowel movements.

The Reasons behind Large Bowel Movements
The common reasons for large bowel movements in vegetarians could be a change in diet where large amounts of fiber are involved. However, it could also simply mean that the individual concerned has increased the amount of food intake for some reason. A third reason could be that the individual may have been constipated for a couple of days.

When to Worry About Large Bowel Movements

If you notice that you haven’t had bowel movements in 5-6 days and if the pattern seems to continue, you should start alarming. Large bowels are alright as long as their movement is soft and smooth. However, if you have bee constipated for long enough; it is more likely that at least a part of your bowel movements would end up being dry and harsh on the skin. So consume plenty of water and add a lot of fiber to your diet and don’t forget to seek medical help if needed.