What Are Huge Bowel Movements?

If you are one of those superman exercise masters, you will know what I mean by huge bowel movements caused by exercise. Well, not that it is bad. Many people however, find the fact pretty disturbing. So let’s get down to the mechanics.

Exercising & Huge Bowel Movements
Huge bowel movements sometimes occur as a result of regular and vigorous exercise. Many people complaint that they need to be at least 5 minutes away from a restroom 30 minutes after riding a treadmill. The mechanics behind the stimulation of these huge bowels are simple. When you exercise you exert a lot of energy and your whole body moves. This is a good enough reason to help peristalsis. So by the end of it, it is natural to have huge bowels forming and moving down.

Other Reasons for Huge Bowel Movements
Your moods as well as stress, can immensely contribute to formation of huge bowel movements. It may be that you are too busy to think about taking ample time off for a relaxed bowel movement or that other things in life seem more important at the moment and you are at a loss for time. Either way, you neglect the need to pass stools and this is one major reason why you would occasionally have those irritating extremely huge bowel movements.