Are You Having Hard Bowel Movements?

Hard bowel movements can be due to many causes. You will experience this type especially if you have been constipated for a couple of days. While constipation is its main culprit, other causes such as your emotional status (bereavement, depression) and of course your diet, are main causes.

Why Are Hard Bowel Movements Bad?
As we already know, normal bowel movement should be smooth and easy to pass. However, you will notice that hard bowel movements are extremely difficult to get over with. They may occur once in a blue moon and leave you with pain for days. The pain is caused by irritation or slight damage made to your intestinal and anal walls by hard bowel movements. Such damages can lead to hemorrhoids, infections and other similar conditions so, you ought to be careful!

What to Do About Hard Bowel Movements?
If hard bowel movements persist, you should contact a doctor who’d probably prescribe some laxative to help you pass stools. Exercising regularly would be another method to help your bowel movements. The best thing however is to consume a lot of juices and other liquids and food that will add fiber and ease your digestive process. Fresh papaya juice is one of the best remedies in this case. However, don’t forget fresh water as it is the most important.