What Are Gross Stinky Bowel Movements?

When I say, gross stinky bowel movements, it should be self explanatory. However, to go in a little bit of detail; it is when you cannot believe your own senses that you could pass stools with such bad odor. Gross stinky bowel movements may often have weird colors and textures. They may be liquid or pasty and orange, black or green in color for example.

Reasons for Gross Stinky Bowel Movements
Not all food gets digested or in other words, absorbed along the digestive tract. The elements of food that remain are then fermented in the colon. However, fermentation itself does not produce an extremely stinky odor because hydrogen and carbon dioxide produced by fermentation is fairly bearable. However, there are bacteria that feed on these gases such as hydrogen, which in turn produced methane and other sulphur containing gases. So there goes our primary culprit for gross stinky bowel movements.

Supporting Factors for Gross Stinky Bowel Movements

    • Dehydration and constipation would be one of the main supporting factors for gross stinky bowel movements because less water means increase hardness which means slower movement. Therefore, as stools spend more and more time in your colon, the more it will stink.
    • Consuming large amounts of fermentable dietary fiber help bowels to stink.
    • Starch and complex carbohydrates produce gases inside the digestive system
    • Certain sugars such as fructose and indigestible sugars such as raffinose too produce stinky gases.