What Are Greasy Bowel Movements?

Many people are confused about greasy bowel movements because they often mistake greasy bowel movements to pasty bowel movements and vice-versa.

How Do Greasy Bowel Movements Look Like?
The motion will be very smooth unlike in hard bowel movements where your skin may get damaged. The bowel movement may even be so smooth that you may not realize you are passing stools. This is an extreme case, which needs medical attention. If the stools are solid, they will usually look shiny due to the oil mixed in it. The size of the stools will usually be small however, the greasy bowel movements also happen when the stools are normal or extra large in size. So size is not something you can base your judgment on. Another important feature of greasy bowel movements is its contaminated-like smell.

Reasons for Greasy Bowel Movements
For infants to have greasy bowel movements are quite normal since their digestive systems have not totally adjusted to the body mechanism and environmental impacts thoroughly. However, if you are an adult having greasy bowel movements, the causes could be a many; the main out of which are having consumed food with indigestible oils such as Escolar also known as butterfish or rudderfish. The second reason could be that your body suffers issues of mal-absorption or conditions such as chronic pancreatitis. In either case, consulting a doctor is the best choice for a follow-up.