Things You Did Not Know about Floating Bowel Movements

If you have been overly concerned about why your stools float on water of the toilet bowl, you are not alone. This is a very popular question among people who have trouble with bowel movements. However the answer is not too simple either.

What Makes Floating Bowel Movements?
If you have been under medication for intestinal worms, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a few motions of floating bowel movements which look very thin and yellowish. This is a common after effect of the medication and you shouldn’t worry. However, if you cannot relate to that story, perhaps you need a colon cleansing done. Make sure you observe the trend for at least 3-4 days before you run off to a doctor requesting a colon cleansing or that you do not any other health conditions that have triggered the floating bowel movements.

Diet & Floating Bowel Movements
Many consider floating stools to be an after effect of consuming a high fat diet. However, the common theory is that, stools which contain a lot of gas (mainly methane) tend to float easily because it becomes low in density due to the gas content. Mal-absorption problems related to your digestive tract can be another possible reason behind the floaters. However, don’t forget that gastro-intestinal infections can also cause stools to float due to rapid movement within the digestive tract. Once again, your best resort is a medical practitioner as he/she alone is able to make an accurate assessment of the condition.