How to Assess Excessive Bowel Movements?

How do you assess that you are having excessive bowel movements? Well, if you see a sudden change in normal pattern and composition of your stools and if the frequency of you using the restroom is increased, you are probably having excessive bowel movements. If the change is subtle, you may not even notice it. So it is important to pay a little attention to the frequency of your bowel movements. If you have other medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, it is best to maintain a diary to monitor such changes.

Causes of Excessive Bowel Movements
Before you run off to the doctor to complaint about your excessive bowel movements, sit in a relaxed position and ask yourself these questions. Have you been to a place recently from which you could have acquired an intestinal infection? Have you changed your diet? Have you added more fruits, salads, fiber or milk to your daily intake of food? (Milk can be a main culprit for many such conditions).

Excessive Bowel Movements & Things to Worry About
If you have been exposed to excessive emotional stress, you may consider the situation to be a possible candidate that caused excessive bowel movements. However, certain illnesses, diarrhea, irritable bowel disease, inflammatory bowel disease and certain allergic reactions can all contribute to the cause. If you have had mucus, blood, grease or oil mixed in the stools and any changes in size, consistency and shape of stools, it is best to contact a Gastroenterologist.