Are Burning Bowel Movements Common?

Burning bowel movements are pretty common despite its cause being diarrhea or constipation. Usually the burning bowel movements will last for few minutes to few hours or even a few days.

Uncommon Burning Bowel Movements
There are also other types of burning bowel movements which are not painful rather only leave you with a burning sensation. This is a common occurrence among people who have had a colonoscopy or other types of rectal examinations. The cause however could be some ulcer down in your lower large intestines, if not the composition of the stool.

What to do about Burning Bowel Movements
According to some physicians, burning sensations on bowel movements are often seeing in patients with chronic diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea is often caused by nervousness and anxiety if not consuming a certain type of food, over and over again that leaves your stomach upset. If your bowel movements are too frequent that it affects your everyday life and if it is caused by nervousness and anxiety, psychotherapy should be considered. If the condition is caused by biological stimuli such as a certain type of food, you should try avoiding the food. In order to relieve the burning sensation that you may feel, consuming large amounts of water comes as a remedy. However, you ought to re-consider this method owing to your medical background such as whether you are diabetic etc. because having to pass urine too often may become a nuisance too.