Bowel Movements & Laxatives

Laxatives are often sought after as a great relief when the bowel movements decide to go on silent treatment. The use of laxatives is fine in order to get through a difficult bowel movement or a series of bowel movements within a short period. However, abuse of laxatives can lead to many problems in the future.

Cigarettes, Bowel Movements & Laxatives
There is a clearly distinguished relationship between cigarettes, bowel movements and laxatives. Many people find difficulty at bowel movement after they quit smoking. The good old reason is that nicotine contained in cigarettes stimulates receptors in the intestines making it easy to move things through. When smoking is halted this hyper-stimulation is not available for the gastro-intestinal tract to make speedy movements. So your bowel movement (which has gotten used to the speed track by now) stops altogether or delays.

Bowel Movements & Laxatives Makes the Process Lazy
Laxatives come in many types. The most common is the dietary fiber, bulk forming laxatives. If you hate legumes and other fiber-free food you may think laxatives are a good alternative. But it is not so. Lubricant laxatives and Emollient laxatives are two other types. When you abuse laxatives, your body mechanics become dependant upon it. This condition is no different or better than the earlier example of how the intestines become stimulated by nicotine. Pay attention to your diet and make a conscious effort to drink more water. Laxatives only make the process in your gastro-intestinal unit lazy. So consciously allow your GI do the work as it should!