Bowel Movements & Colon Cancer: Are They Related?

The simple answer is yes! Bowel movements are related to colon cancers in many ways. The main one being that it is through color, texture, shape, size and the composition of bowel movements that colon cancers can be detected at different stages of its growth.

How Are Bowel Movements & Colon Cancers Linked?
Bowel movements happen in the colon, so there goes the first root to its relationship. Therefore, when stools are passed, it will contain clues as to what is going on in your colon. For example, if you are passing small, white polyps with stools or if you notice blood in bowel movements in the form of bloody stools, bloody toilet bowl water or blood in tissues, these conditions suggest that you may have developed polyps in the colon or rectum which may have been damaged by an aggressive bowel movement.

Precautions for Unhealthy Bowel Movements & Colon Cancers
Colon cancers are one of the easiest cancers that can be gotten rid of. The reason behind it is that colon cancers usually initiates with non-cancerous growths such as polyps that form in the lining of the colon or the rectum. Over time, these polyps may become cancerous. So if the person is vigilant about the types of bowel movements he/she has and any associated changes, colon cancer can be detected at an initial stage (where it has not grown in to a cancer, yet) and removed. Having fiber rich healthy diets, regular exercise, ample water and frequent screenings, can all contribute towards preventing colon cancer.

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