Should You Panic about Bloody Bowel Movements?

If you have already been diagnosed with a condition relating to your gastro-intestinal tract, your physician may have warned you about occasional bloody bowel movements. In such situation you may know what to do and what not to do. This brief article is for those who have no clue as to why there’s blood in your bowel movements.

Reasons Behind Bloody Bowel Movements
The most common reasons behind bloody bowel movements are rectal bleeding (hemorrhoids) or gastro-intestinal bleedings (due to colitis and similar conditions). Another very common occurrence is being dehydrated and constipated for a few days. In either case, you should seek immediate medical advice, especially if the amounts of blood passed are excessive. If you have had an accident recently the blood can be due to some internal bleeding. If you are pregnant and if you notice excess of blood in your stools, it may be due to an internal condition that may have affected the fetus. In such case, you should see your gynecologist immediately.

How to Treat Bloody Bowel Movements
It is a serious enough condition for you to panic and jump right in to your car on your way to see the doctor. As we have already discussed, the bleeding can be due to minor causes or due to onset of more serious conditions. So why take a chance? Remember that if you see blood, it is a warning sign to say something is really wrong!