Where Do Blood in Bowel Movements Come From?

It is often said that blood in bowel movements can come from anywhere in your digestive tract. But theoretically it can even be that blood comes from anywhere between your mouth to anus. Let’s consider a few specific incidents where you may find blood in bowel movements.

Babies Having Blood in Bowel Movements
As dangerous as it may sound, blood in bowel movements in babies are quite common. As always, the most common problems may be associated with their diet. In the case of breastfed babies the condition may trigger as an allergic reaction they form towards milk. Don’t get me wrong! I do not imply that they are allergic to mother’s milk. But the condition is such that they are allergic to cow’s milk which is consumed by the mother. So instead of stopping breast feeding, what you should as a mother is to stop drinking fresh milk (cow’s). However, before making your own diagnosis, it is best that you take the baby to the pediatrician, possibly with a sample of babies’ stools.

Adults Having Blood in Bowel Movements
Blood in adult bowel movements may be more frequent than that of children. However, just because it may be more frequent or because you are an adult, you should never neglect this symptom. When you pass blood in bowel movements, it is always a warning from your body about something which is not right. The cause may be a simple such as a hemorrhoid or severe up to the extent of being a cancer. So, don’t ever turn a blind eye to your screaming bowel movements!