What Are Abnormal Burning Bowel Movements?

Burning abnormal bowel movements are often described with many adjectives such as hot, rushing, fleshy, itchy and so on. The most common complaint about burning bowel movements is that it leaves you with pain even after the job is done. However, it is not the only one of its type. Another common condition is abnormal burning bowel movements that leave you with hot, itchy feelings throughout the process, starting right from your tummy urging you to run to a rest room.

Causes of Abnormal Burning Bowel Movements
The simplest cause for abnormal burning bowel movements has to do with eating too much spice. If your body is unable to handle the intake, you are most likely to experience fleshy and itchy hot stools forming in no time. A second cause could be due to inflammation of the bowel. Crohn’s Disease, Infectious colitis and Ischemic colitis are a few examples.

What to do about Abnormal Burning Bowel Movements

First things first! Change your diet immediately and start eating cooling food such as cucumber, if the cause for your burning bowel movements is too much spice. Don’t forget to add fruit juices and plenty of water too. If you are experiencing the second type where you feel pain even after passing stools; apply some petroleum jelly or similar to soothe your skin. As always, it is best to seek medical assistance if the condition persists.