Are Yellow Bowel Movements Normal?

The movement of stools in your digestive tract starts out green. The next step is passing through the digestive tract where the stools start turning bright yellow. However, the digestive tract is full of bile and bacteria, so they work on the stools to make it look brown as we usually see it.

The Meaning of Yellow Bowel Movements
Yellow bowel movements can mean many things. Firstly, it can be an indication that stools are moving too fast along the digestive tract, not allowing sufficient time for the bacteria and bile to act on it. Secondly, it could mean that there’s a shortage of bile or obstruction of bile in your digestive tract. When it comes to newborn babies, their stools will always look yellowish and will be watery. This is due to breast feeding. When the baby switches on to bottle milk, the color will usually become brownish.

Should I Worry About Yellow Bowel Movements?
First of all, remember that yellow bowel movements can also be caused by diarrhea because the stools will move rapidly through your digestive tract allowing little time for normal routine. In this case, it will also be very watery. However, if your stools are normal in texture and composition, but yellow in color, it is a good idea to seek medical advice because you may either have a bacterial infection in the intestines or some liver functionality problem. It is also know that, people suffering from gastro-esophageal reflux disease usually pass yellow stools.