Is Red Bowel Movements a Bad Sign?

First of all, it is important to identify what type of red bowel movement you are having. Is it that the bowel movement itself is red or is it that normal color bowel movement included specs of reddish blood that made the toilet bowl red when mixed with water?

Reasons for Red Bowel Movements
If you consumed large amounts of reddish food such as beet or artificially colored popsicles, we could fairly assume that those were the reasons behind red bowel movement. In such case the stool itself will be red in color. If the latter is not applicable to you, then the probable cause may be anal fissures, hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease, biventricular bleeding, colon polyps or maybe even colon cancer. In this case, you will usually notice blood in the stools.

When to Worry about Red Bowel Movements
Always! Unless otherwise; you have consumed reddish food that causes the redness in the stools. You should seek immediate medical advice if you pass blood along stools or if stools contain blood. It is important to remember that bleeding is sometimes related to Amebiasis. Your doctor would probably administer a colonoscopy to determine the origin of bleeding. However, if your stools appear black in color, don’t ignore it. It may also be due to bleeding in upper intestinal tract. In any case, meet your doctor immediately.