Facts about Dark Brown Bowel Movements

Brown is the usual color of bowel movement however; the dark brown color is usually the result of whatever you may have consumed. For example, drinking wine can give your bowel movement a dark brown. Or else, eating too many things could make your bowels dark brown and bulky. Either way, there’s no danger as such involved with this color.

Nature of Dark Brown Bowel Movements
The textures of dark brown bowel movements are mostly hardy and firm while being bulky as opposed to yellowish thin bowel movements. Therefore, we can assume that when bowel movements are dark brown in color, they’ve been processed well inside the digestive tract. However, it is not a good idea to take this information for granted because dark brown bowel movements could mean other things and could point out at other issues which are not directly associated with the digestive tract.

When do People get Dark Bowel Movements?
As mentioned earlier, the most common occurrence could mean that you ate too many things within a course of a day or few days. Secondly it could mean your stools have been processed properly. However here’s the alert; dark brown bowel movements could also mean that your diet did not have enough vegetables or dietary fiber included. It could also mean that there’s been too much salt in your body. So if you notice persistent dark brown color in bowel movement, try changing your diet.