What Is It about the Color of Bowel Movements

You may have had scary or weird experiences when it comes to the color of bowel movements, at some point in your life. In this brief article we will explore the possible reasons behind bowel movement colors and what to do about it. We will further attempt to identify when to worry about the color and when not to.

What Causes the Color of Bowel Movements to Change?
Sometimes unusual color of bowel movement may be caused by food. For example, reddish color after consuming large amounts of beet, tomato juice or certain soups. However, many a times it is an indication of an upset stomach or an internal issue. The color variation can also be caused by medication. In the case of black bowel movement, aspirin or Pepto-Bismol can be a culprit. If not, it can be due to blood from the higher digestive tract owing to internal issues in the body.

When to Worry about the Color of Bowel Movements
If you can’t link the change of color in bowel movement to any of the food you’ve consumed or medicine you’ve taken, it is a fair enough reason to be alarmed. However, before you consult the doctor, make sure the condition persists for at least 2-3 times of discharge and also that it is not attributed to common conditions such as diarrhea.